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Life Coaching
Helping you to live your life to the full
Sarah Bayfield is a clinical and advanced hypnotherapist and has trained with the prestigious U.K. Academy of Therapeutic Arts and Sciences by practicing to their strict code of ethics.
You can rest assured you will be treated in the strictest of confidence for your added peace of mind.

The Dorset practice is within easy reach of Weymouth, Portland, Poundbury, Chickerell, Wyke Regis and Dorchester. In face much of the South West of England.
The practice is ideally located in the beautiful coastal island of Portland.

I currently only offer daytime and evening online sessions
to keep a safe practice for my clients and myself.

Online hypnotherapy is a safe and convenient alternative to face to face sessions.
It is just as effective as working together in the clinic and follows the same structured approach.
It's useful if you are restricted by time, location, family commitments or medial conditions, making it accessible to all.

My online hypnotherapy sessions are priced at £50 for a 60 minutes.
Please contact me for availability.

I work on a wide range of problems from stress and anxiety reduction, increasing self confidence and improving personal performance in all aspects of daily life, reducing fears and phobias as well as weight control.
Achieving a happy work/life balance is important for my clients.

Regular Monthly Deep Relaxation Sessions for general health and well being are currently very popular for coping with these stressful and unpredictable times.

I offer a discount for a regular relaxation session, priced at £120 for 3 x 60 Minute sessions.
I specialise in providing a totally personal treatment plan recognising that everyone is an individual with their own unique set of circumstances and problems. The therapy sessions work on building up and individuals self confidence as well as accessing and utilising their inner resources. By using hypnosis the sub-conscious part of your mind allows you exploration towards a clear and focused direction for change.

As hypnosis is a very natural, pleasant and safe experience you can feel relaxed, calm and focused in both your mind and body enhancing your overall health and well being.

We all experience our own form of naturally occurring hypnosis in our daily life for up to 3 or 4 hours each day. Experiences such as the free flowing thoughts that float into your mind when daydreaming or travelling to work on the train for example are all natural hypnotic states...

If you wish to take a positive step forward and would like a free telephone consultation to find out more about how hypnotherapy can help you, or to just book an appointment simply call:
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or email Sarah: